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BE Stars in the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Program


John R. Percy

Adrien Desjardins

David Yeung

Erindale Campus

University of Toronto

Mississauga, Ontario L5L 1C6



Presented at the 85the AAVSO Spring Meeting, April 13, 1996




We present light curves, and an analysis of periodicity, for the three Be stars in the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Program for which there are adequate data. V2048 Ophiuchi was variable by 0.2 magnitude before JD 2447900, but has been constant, at minimum, since. V832 Cygni has varied quasi-cyclically by 0.1 magnitude over the period of observation.  EW Lacertae showed a broad minimum, 0.2 magnitude deep. The spacing of the observations is not well suited for investigating the short-term variations of these stars.


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