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Photoelectric Photometry of TX Psc, Alpha Her A, Omicorn Cet, and RT Cyg


Richard P. Wasatonic

170 Hillside Drive

Coopersburg, PA 18036


Presented at the 85th AAVSO Annual Meeting, November 2, 1996




Photoelectric observations at 5500A have been conducted on the Lb carbon star TX Psc as part of the AAVSO Small Amplitude Red Variable program; the observed light curve from 1990 through 1995 indicates a semiregular variation with a cycle length of approximately 220 days, rather than complete irregularity. Photoelectric (V) observations were also made on the SRc variable alpha Her A; a beat period of 277 days with an amplitude of 0.8 magnitude was found. The Mira-type variables o Cet and RT Cyg have recently been observed in V and three narrow-band filters in the near infrared. Results from the first two months of observations are shown.

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