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HR 211 from Maple Observatory and Hipparcos


Raymond R. Thompson

Maple Observatory

7 Welton Street

Maple, Ontario L6A IR8



Presented at the 87th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, June 20, 1998




Starting in October 1993, HR 211 was observed photoelectrically in V on 76 nights over 5 years. The complete light curve and the power spectrum reveal a period close to a month with a possible long-term variability present. This is compared with the Hipparcos wide-band photometry, which runs from December, 1989, to February, 1993, and consists of 68 observations. For these, a period search suggests variability on a time-scale of about a month, with no long period apparent. An attempt is made to explain this and other dissimilarities.


Article on ADS


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