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Monitoring Cepheid Period Changes from Saint Mary's University


David G. Turner

Andrew J. Horsford

Joseph D. MacMillan

Saint Mary's University

Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 3C3



Received: September 2, 1998




CCD observations in blue light with the 0.4-m telescope at Saint Mary's University are presented for the Cepheids SU Cyg, V402 Cyg, V1154 Cyg, V386 Cyg, V924 Cyg, MW Cyg, BB Her, GH Cyg, VY Cyg, TX Cyg, SZ Cyg, X Cyg, CD Cyg, and SV Vul. The data are used to establish new times of light maximum for the sample, and analyses of the new and previously-published O-C residuals are used to derive improved values for the rates of period change for each program object. The new values agree closely with predictions from stellar evolutionary theory for the rates at which intermediate-mass stars evolve through the Cepheid instability strip, and provide an excellent means of establishing the instability strip crossing mode for each variable.


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