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The Light Curve of the Eclipsing Binary Star XX Leo


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Michele A. Stark

Michael T. Hamlin

Jeffrey R. Anderson

Felicia V. Berryman

Matthew A. Disbro

Craig Dyni

Timothy A. Gates

Jeffrey A. McKinney

Kevin W. Robinson

Shane T. Snavley

Thomas J. Stoltz

Horace A. Smith

Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824


Submitted July 7, 1999; revised November 22, 1999




Light curves for the eclipsing binary XX Leo have been produced in the Johnson V and Cousins R bands. The light curves indicate that XX Leo is a contact or near-contact binary system with the relatively long period of 0.971130 day. The period of XX Leo has remained constant or nearly so since at least JD 2446110.

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