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Photographic  Studies  of  Neglected  Variables,  III:

ST,  SU,  SV,  and  NSV 1966  Leporis


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David B. Williams

P. O. Box 58

Whitestown, IN 46075


Presented at the 89th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, April 15, 2000




The variable stars ST, SU, SV, and NSV 1966 Lep were discovered at Bamberg in 1974. The three stars with official designations entered the General Catalogue of Variable Stars without known periods. Neither type nor period was determined for NSV 1966. Investigation of these variables on Harvard plates confirms SU Lep as an eclipsing binary with minima three times deeper than initially reported. ST and SV Lep are confirmed as Mira variables. NSV 1966 is also a very red Mira variable. Periods, magnitude ranges, and accurate positions for all four stars are reported.

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