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John R. Percy

Jonathan X. Hoss

Erindale Campus

Department of Astronomy

University of Toronto

Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6



Received: October 28, 2000




We have used the Hipparcos database of epoch photometry to study the variability of two Population II Cepheids: TX Del and W Vir. We have constructed (O-C) diagrams for these stars, using the new data and data from the literature. The period of TX Del is decreasing, at a rate which is consistent with evolutionary predictions. The period change of W Vir is uncertain because of the many recent gaps in the data on this star. We urge AAVSO visual and photoelectric observers to monitor Population II Cepheids more systematically, since many of these stars have unstable periods, and at least one has an unstable amplitude.

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