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Jaime Rubén García

Instituto Copérnico

Casilla de Correos Nro. 85

5600 San Rafael-Mendoza



Presented at the 88th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, July 3, 1999; revised October 2000




Nova Velorum 1999-V382 Vel-was discovered on May 22, 1999, and, at visual magnitude 2.5, was the brightest nova in southern skies since Nova Puppis 1942. Observing campaigns to monitor the nova were immediately established by the variable star observing sections of the Latin American Astronomical League (LIADA) and the Brazilian Observational Network REA, both amateur astronomy organizations. 44 observers contributed 591 observations over 61 days. These observations have been reduced to daily means in order to measure the statistical quality of the data during the 1999 main observing window for the nova. The resulting light curve, with a standard error less than 0.05 magnitude, is shown. Also shown are two pre-discovery photographs of the nova, taken by Márcio Mendes and showing its dramatic rise in brightness in 24 hours.

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