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New Light Elements for the Long-PeriodEclipsing variable cf sct


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Dana Hammond

Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Delaware

Newark, DE 19716


Maria Mitchell Observatory

3 Vestal Street

Nantucket, MA 02554-2608


Dorrit Hoffleit

Department of Astronomy

Yale University

New Haven, CT 06520-8101


Nikolai Samus

Institute of Astronomy

Russian Academy of Science

48 Pyatnitskaya Street

Moscow 109017



Sternberg Astronomical Institute

Moscow University

13 University Avenue

Moscow 119992



Maria Mitchell Observatory


Pavel Sorokin

Moscow Astronomy Club

c/o Sternberg Astronomical Institute


Received January 15, 2002




Using minima derived from photographic observations on the plates of the Maria Mitchell Observatory and Sternberg Institute collections or found in the literature, covering a very wide range of Julian dates (2420300-2448120), we find that the eclipsing variable CF Sct, with two previously reported period values somewhat contradicting each other (31.9415 and 31.9384 days), actually shows a quite constant period of 31.94036 days over decades.

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