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Editorial Statement


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Charles A. Whitney, Editor

AAVSO Headquarters, 25 Birch Street, Cambridge, MA 02138


The editorial staff has made several changes to the Journal, some of which are obvious, and others not so readily apparent. With this issue we feature a new cover design, including a more compact style for the table of contents, and some reformatting of the inside-cover information pages. The title, author information, and abstract of each article (and similar areas in the other journal items) have also been redesigned. Also with this issue, we have changed from high-gloss paper to a flat finish paper.

The most subtle design change made its appearance in volume 30, number 1 of the Journal, where we began using a new text format (a larger type size, increased leading between lines, and wider tracking between letters).

All of these changes are primarily meant to improve readability, but they are also meant to enhance the journalís overall appearance and appeal. We hope you agree!

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