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Light Elements for V353 Hydrae, a Hipparcos Eclipsing Binary


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Sebastian A. Otero

Grupo Wezen 1 88, Olazábal 3650 - 8° C, 1430, Buenos Aires, Argentina




Centro de Estudios Astronómicos (CEA), Dean Funes 2454, 7600, Mar del Plata, Argentina


Christopher Stephan

Robert Clyde Observatory, 93783 Coos Sumner Lane, Coos Bay, OR 97420


Received November 7, 2003


Abstract  The Hipparcos eclipsing binary V353 Hydrae has been observed visually in order to determine its period. Results of this campaign are presented. The system is an eclipsing binary in a circular orbit. The combination of visual, Hipparcos, and ASAS-3 data finally revealed that the period is 7.56 days.

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