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Charts and Comparison Stars: A Road Map to the Future


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A. Price

AAVSO Headquarters, 25 Birch Street, Cambridge, MA 02145


V. Petriew

3 Noonan Street, Regina, Saskatchewan S4V 0J5, Canada


M. Simonsen

2615 S. Summers Road, Imlay City, MI 48444


Presented at the 93rd Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, July 23, 2004; receieved September 28, 2004; accepted September 29, 2004


Abstract  In the past few years the AAVSO’s publication of variable star charts has undergone many changes. The result of these changes has been the creation of the Chart Team and the Comparison Star Database Working Group. We will describe these two projects and present early results. Then we will detail the future merging of these two projects into the Automated Chart Plotter (ACP), an online tool for observers to create star charts customized for their own equipment, observing location, and personal preferences.


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