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On the Question of the Behavior of O-C Residuals of the Active Algol-Like Binary RZ Cassiopeiae

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Alex V. Golovin

Kyiv National Shevchenko University, Physics Department, Volodymyrska Street, 64, Kyiv, 01033, Ukraine; Visiting astronomer, Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Crimea, Ukraine


Elena P. Pavlenko

Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Nauchny, Crimea, 98409,Ukraine


Received February 4, 2005; revised May 16, 2005; accepted June 8, 2005


Abstract  We present an analysis of the RZ Cassiopeiae O-C diagram for a 30-year period, based on data published by the AAVSO. New parabolic light elements were determined, P was estimated, and the value of M, the rate of the mass transfer between components of this eclipsing binary, was established. Deviations from the parabola in the RZ Cas O-C diagram have a wavelike trend. The pulsation of the primary component influences the scatter of O-C points, and influences the shape of the eclipse. Some physical points on such O-C behavior are presented.

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