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Using a Small Telescope to Detect Variable Stars in Globular Cluster NGC 6779


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Jerry D. Horne

3055 Lynview Drive, San Jose, CA 95148



Presented at the 94th Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, March 26, 2005; received April 5, 2005; revised May 19, 2005; accepted June 14, 2005


Abstract  The nominal feasibility of utilizing small instruments, in near-urban environments, to detect variable stars in globular clusters is demonstrated through the use of modern CCD cameras and commercially available image processing software. A 0.25-meter telescope and a camera with a 550  752 CCD array were used to detect and perform photometry of six of the twelve known variable stars in NGC 6779 (M56). Two commercial image processing and photometric analysis software packages were utilized, and multiple variable detection techniques were examined. The periods of five variables were derived and color magnitude diagrams for the entire cluster were developed.

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