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V478 Lyrae Revisited: a Current Look at Eclipses and Star Spots

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Jerry D. Horne
3055 Lynnview Drive, San Jose, CA 95148

Presented at the 94th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, October 14, 2005; received January 9, 2006; revised August 1, 2006; accepted November 14, 2006

Abstract: Differential photometry of V478 Lyr from the 2005 observing season, spanning eighteen orbital cycles, is presented and analyzed. The resulting analyses are compared to previously published data. This study analyzed multiple eclipse cycles and obtained photometry demonstrating additional fluctuations in the light curve of the system. V and I band photometric observations were fit to a two-spot model using several commercially available binary star modeling programs. Spot distributions, relative size, longitudinal separation, and effective temperature have been determined.

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