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CCD Times of Minima for the W UMa Binary System OO Aquilae


Kevin B. Alton

70 Summit Avenue, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927


Received October 27, 2005; revised June 3, 2006; accepted July 7, 2006

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Abstract  OO Aql was targeted for observation since its short orbital period (~0.5d) and eclipse duration (~3 hours) were amenable to investigation over a relatively short viewing campaign at a location with less than optimal viewing conditions. Analysis of clear filter CCD data collected over a ten-week period has led to a revised linear ephemeris equation (Min. I (hel.) = 2438613.1037 ± 0.0073 + 0.5067936 ± 0.0000003 E) for OO Aql.

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