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Periodic and Aperiodic Variability of Symbiotic Stars (Abstract)

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Lidia L. Chinarova
Astronomy Observatory, Odessa State University, T. G. Shevchenko Park, Odessa 2700014, Ukraine

Time series and correlation analysis is made for the characteristics of the individual cycles R Aql, V1329 Cyg, TX CVn, V1016 Cyg, and UX Aur. The light curves were smoothed by the method of "running parabolae." We propose a supplementary method of "running sines" which is more effective for the data with large gaps. For asymmetric curves it may be extended to a method of "running multi- harmonic fit." The statistical properties of these fits are studied on the observations of these stars and on analytical and numerical models. The mean curve is determined by multi-harmonic fit with determination of the number of statistically significant harmonics and correction of the period by differential corrections. Extreme values and cycle lengths vary with time, their characteristics are tabulated.

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