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The François-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory

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G. Meynet
M. Grenon

Geneva Observatory, CH-1290 Sauverny, Switzerland

J. -C. Pont
Geneva University, Switzerland

R. Arnold
J. Breguet
R. Durussel
J. -M. Gremaud
M. Henzen
E. Maeder
Y. Revaz
F. Taugwalder
F. Zuber

St-Luc Observatory, CH-3961 St-Luc, Switzerland

The François-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory (FXBO), inaugurated in 1995, stands at an altitude of 2,195 meters (7,200 feet). Located on a site renowned for the purity and stillness of the air, it is easily accessible via a funicular. Equipped with numerous instruments (a 60-cm reflecting telescope, a 20-cm refracting telescope, a 16-cm coronograph, a coelostat, and four smaller instruments), it can be used day and night by schools and amateurs wishing to accomplish high quality work and can be of interest, as well, for general public demonstrations. The aims of the present paper are: 1) to present the background of how this observatory came into existence, 2) to describe the main characteristics of the equipment (presently available and foreseen in the future), 3) to propose pedagogical activities which can be performed with the present installations, and finally 4) to discuss some future developments.

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