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Photoelectric Photometry At Szeged Observatory (Abstract)

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Laszlo L. Kiss
Department of Experimental Physics, JATE University, Szeged, Dómtér 9, H-6720 Hungary; current affiliation University of Sydney, School of Physics, A28, NSW 2006

G. Kaszás
Department of Optics, JATE University, Szeged, Hungary

Extensive photoelectric photometry was carried out at Szeged Observatory using the 0.4-m Cassegrain-type telescope with an SSP-5A photometer during 19941997. We have observed mainly pulsating stars (Cepheids, δ Scuti- type variables), although eclipsing binaries have been observed as well. As the observatory lies in a moderately light-polluted environment, we outline a possible way that small observatories can pursue scientific projects using UBV and uvby photometry.

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