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V403 Cygni, BF Canis Minoris, and EG Cancri: Recent Observations of Three Variable Stars Discovered by Huruhata in Japan, Part 1 (Abstract)

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Seiichi Sakuma
Variable Star Observers League of Japan 2-21-9, Kami-Aso, Asao-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa-Ken, 215-0021, Japan

Some variables discovered in Japan are still listed with the original elements after more than twenty years. The author is observing these stars by visual step method and by CCD camera. In part one of this project, the author has selected three variables discovered by the late Dr. Masaaki Huruhata (1912-1988), former director of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory. Dr Huruhata was a variable star observer before working at and after retiring from the Observatory, and discovered thirty variable and suspected variable stars.

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