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Light and Color Curves of the Unusual Slow Nova LMC 2005

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William Liller

Center for Nova Studies, Casilla 5022, Viña del Mar, Chile

Bernard Heathcote

Barfold Observatory, 165 Sievers Lane, Glenhope, Victoria, 3444, Australia

Giorgio Di Scala

Carnes Hill Observatory, Sydney, NSW, 2171, Australia

William Allen

Alvine Estate, Vintage Lane, RD 3, Blenheim, New Zealand


Received August 4, 2007; accepted August 10, 2007



Nova LMC 2005 was discovered on November 26, 2005, at approximate magnitude 11.5. Fainter photographic images were detected four nights earlier, and the ASAS-3 sky survey recorded it at V = 11.695 one night before discovery. Its evolution thereafter was closely followed in V, B, and R by the four of us, and the decline found to be slow with sizeable fluctuations. We present herewith the observational data and comment on their significance.

Table 1. CCD observations of Nova LMC 05

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