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Search for "Lost" Variables in Carina. I. The Cape Variables.

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Mati Morel

6 Blakewell Road, Thornton, NSW 2322, Australia

Giorgio Di Scala

Carnes Hill Observatory, 34 Perisher Street, Horningsea Park, NSW 2171, Australia


Received April 10, 2007; revised August 7, 2007; accepted August 7, 2007


We present precise positions and finder charts for probable candidates for thirteen variables found on Cape Observatory plates, part of sixty new variables near η Carinae originally published by Worssell in 1919. BVRI datasets are presented for eight of the stars (BE, BF, BG, BH, BM, BN, BW, and BY Car), showing that most of these stars are essentially constant. BK Car may be identical with NSV 4957.

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