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New Elements for Some Eclipsing Binary Stars, II

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Marvin E. Baldwin

Butlerville, Indiana




Examination of eclipsing binaries under observation by the AAVSO reveals several stars with appreciable deviations from the linear elements listed by Kukarkin (1969). Nine of these stars were discussed in an earlier paper (Baldwin, 1973) in which the revised periods and initial epochs were listed. To illustrate the conclusions drawn about each of the variables' behavior, diagrams were used to show the progress, with time, of the differential betwen the observed and computed times of minima. We continue here with the examination of seven additional stars falling within the same category. As before, minima timings used to construct the O-C diagrams are drawn from both published and unpublished observations by AAVSO observers and from published minima by the Swiss observing group, Bedeckunqsveraenderlichen Beobachter der Schweizerischen Astronomischen Gesellschaft (BBSAG) working under the direction of Kurt Locher.


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