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Variable Stars as Observed in Infrared and Visual Radiation

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Edwin B. Weston

Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, Bedford, Massachusetts




Recent sky surveys for discrete sources of infrared radiation in the wavelength region of two to twenty microns have shown that known long period and semi-regular variable stars are well represented. A number of suspected variable stars, eclipsing and spectroscopic binaries of long period where one component is a cool giant or supergiant (Zeta Aurigae type), and some Be and hot peculiar stars, were also found to be associated with infrared sources. Several variable stars not observed in the infrared surveys were considered significant, and possible explanations were suggested. Infrared and visual (AAVSO) observations were compared for several typical variable stars. Infrared radiation excesses could be explained in terms of stars or star systmes of large mass, dust shells, cool companions, and H? and H?? regions. The combination of infrared with visual and photographic observations for long period and semi-regular variables could lead to a better understanding of their physical structure and to more effective use of them in galatic structure studies.


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