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A Visual Light Curve of the Eclipsing Variable 143025 AD Bootis

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Dave Van Buren

Ithaca, New York




AD Bootis, which is situated about four degrees south-west of Epsilon Bootis, is an eighth magnitude eclipsing binary that has been almost entirely neglected since its discovery by Strohmeier (GCVS, 1969). In 1969 the Swiss Observers of Eclipsing Variables (BBSAG) began observing this star with the purpose of obtaining minimum timings. Most recently, members of the Willingboro (N.J.) Astronomical Society's Eclipsing Binary Program (WASEBPRO) have conducted a study of the system in order to construct the full light curve, revise the light elements given by Strohmeier (if necessary) and attempt a solution of the system. This solution, currently in progress, will be discussed in a subsequent paper.


Link to ADS abstract, article and citation information

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