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New Period-Determinations for Eight Variable Stars

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Joseph Manella

Maria Mitchell Observatory, Nantucket, Massachusetts




Eight variable stars on which I worked at the Maria Mitchell Obsrvatory the summer of 1974 are listed in Table I. All were in the region of λ Sagittarii. Six of them, V517, V518, V519, V620, V1666 and V1702 Sgr were assigned to me by Dr. Hoffleit for updating their periods, her previous determinations having been based on plates taekn prior to 1952. The other two stars, IU Sgr and suspected variable star 4277, I rediscovered with the blink microscope. For period-determination the Nantucket NA plates and Harvard plates of the A, B, and MF series were used. Most of the stars required only slight period corrections.


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