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Three Variable Stars in Cygnus

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Lucie Dexter

Maria Mitchell Observatory, Nantucket, Massachusetts




Lucia Dexter, a summer undergraduate assistant at the Maris Mitchell Observatory, reported primarily on a new RR Lyrae type star 19h36m39s+38?44'.7 (1900), discovered in 1973 by Bonnie Buratti. Step estimates of its brightness were made by Miss Dexter on some 900 Nantucket plates taken between JD 21695 and 42314. Over this long time intervel she found the period to be constant at 0?.581 147. A new eclipsing variable found by Miss Dexter at 19h24m34s+41?20'.9 has an approximate period of 3?.72, but she did not have time available to complete the estimates. More definitive results on both of these stars will be published later when further work on them has been completed. The third star on which Miss Dexter reported was HQ Lyr, which she had rediscovered, and for which she found a provisional period of 290 days (see IBVS No. 950, Dec. 1974).


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