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X-Ray Stars and Quasars: Variables That Need Watching

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William Liller

Center for Astrophysics, Harvard College Observatory and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Mass.




As we all know so well, Astronomy is now regarded as the most glamorous of the physical sciences. Discoveries made during the last 10-20 years from space and with radio telescopes are primarily responsible for the tremendously exciting developments wich have put astronomy into the limelight. The three most fascinating objects discovered recently are quasars, pulsars and X-ray sources (which in turn probably contain neutron stars and black holes). An increasing number of these fantastic sources are within the range of 6-inch telescopes, and this report is intended to draw the attention of the AAVSO to some of these sources and discuss why they are so very important to our fuller (but never complete!) understanding of their properties.


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