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Updated Periods for Three Variable Stars in Sagittarius

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Constance Philips

Maria Mitchell Observatory, Nantucket, Massachusetts




The previously published period of 0d.364913 for V3863 Sgr has been confirmed through the examination of nearly 900 plates of Harvard and Nantucket series and covering 1924-1933 and 1957-1977 respectively. Two Mira-type stars were also examined. The period of V515 Sgr, for JD 2424000-2443000, should be revised from the published value of 245d.7 to 246d.7. Only 125 recent plates (1970-1977) of V1655 Sgr were examined; for them the published period of 245d is still valid. Finder charts, approximately 20' x 20', are given for each of these stars. South is at the top. Each chart shows the comparison stars used and one Cordoba Durchmusterung object to aid in identification. Magnitudes were determined only for the comparison stars for V3863 Sgr.


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