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Minima of Eclipsing Binary Stars, V

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Marvin E. Baldwin

Butlerville, IN 47223




This report continues that given in J.A.A.V.S.O., vol. 5 no. 2. This work is sponsored by the AAVSO with the writer acting as program coordinator. This listing contains 352 observed heliocentric minima of 60 eclipsing binary stars derived from observations submitted by participants in the AAVSO eclipsing binary program. All are visual minima reduced by the writer using the tracing paper method. O-C's are computed using the linear elements given in the main listing of the 1969 General Catalog of Variable Stars without regard to additional linear or non-linear elements which might appear in the notes following the main listing and without regard to more recent elements which may be listed in the supplements to the catalog. The number of estimates used for each minimum is given under "n."


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