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Possible Observation of a Satellite of a Minor Planet

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David W. Dunham

P. O. Box 488, Silver Spring, Maryland 20907




On March 5, just before 2h 35m U.T., an occultation of 3.6-mag. gamma Ceti by the minor planet (6) Hebe was observed from locations in and near Mexico City. Simultaneously, Paul Maley, an amateur from Houston, observed a short secondary occultation from a location from Victoria, Texas, 900 km to the north, possibly caused by a satellite of Hebe. Dynamical considerations show that such a satellite is possible. Confirmation of such events during future occultations would be desirable. This underscores the need for observation by as many professional and amateur astronomers as possible, visually and photoelectrically, during predicted special occultation events.


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