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The N.C.A. Nova Patrol Program

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Daniel Costanzo

900 N. Jacksonville Street, Arlington, VA 22205




The Nova Patrol of the National Capital Astronomers, Inc., represents a systematic program of the search and discovery of galactic novae. It is being conducted in cooperation with the Nova Search Committee of the AAVSO. This activity is a continuation of a program begun by the N.C.A. in 1958. At present we have three observers and two verifiers in our group. The major part of our work consists of patrolling AAVSO Search Areas 42 and 54. These fields were chosen so that at leqast one is above the horizon at any time of the year. We presently use two different methods to search for novae. The first technique consists of visually scanning the fields with binoculars down to the 7th magnitude. The second method consists of regularly photographing the fields. The future plans of our program include an expansion of our work to more fields, especially the so-called "Common Areas." We are also involved in constructing special nova patrol charts to be used in quickly locating and memorizing star patterns in the fields.


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