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Eclipse Depths and Revised Ephemeris for RW Coronae Borealis

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Bruce A. Krobulsek

Anthony D. Mallama

P. O. Box 11, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022




Previously published photoelectric data by Carr (1971) have been condensed into normal points, analysed, and the resulting light curve plotted. The full range of brightness from quadrature to minimum light is 0m.556 in V, 0m.566 in B, and 0m.577 in U; the brightness range from quadrature to secondary minimum is 0m.070 in V, 0m.048 in B, and 0m.041 in U. The formula for predicting mid-eclipse is JD (hel.) = 2440334.7702 + 0d.72641121 E.


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