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Note on Albert's Sky Survey for δ Scuti Variable Stars

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Dorritt Hoffleit

Department of Astronomy, Yale University, New Haven, CT  06520




Albert's excellent results have been compared with the revised data that had already been compiled for a forthcoming edition of the Bright Star Catalogue. This comparison indicated that seven (not just two) of the stars in Albert's Table I, column 1, are known variables, while another is S10151 in the General Catalogue of Suspected Variables, which his observations now confirm as variable.  (S101436, not yet named, had already been confirmed as a δ Sct type variable, but no period had been obtained.) Also, three additional stars have been noted as spectroscopic binaries (SB), while four others appear to have variable radial velocity (V). Table I gives the revised Bright Star Catalogue entries, together with a summary (last column) of Albert's conclusions on variability.


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