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Joseph Ashbrook

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C. A. Witney





Joseph Ashbrook started to observe variable stars in 1932, and joined the AAVSO in 1936, while he was an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University.

He was particularly interested in methods of observing, and in stars difficult to observe. Eclipsing binary stars were amond his favorites. Joe published information, finder charts, and light curves on alarge number of these stars. These materials formed the core of our eclipsing binary committee's program

Joe had a phenomenal memory for astronomical facts and references. He was like a walking library, guiding many of us in tracking down obscure references. It seemed as if he read and retained everything.

This friend of the AAVSO, who served in the Council for several terms, will be greatly missed by all.

The following comments were made by C. A. Whitney at a memorial service for Joe.    J. A. Mattei


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