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What's New at HQ

Congratulations Kerri!

A new addition to the family (and future AAVSOer???) is born.

We are pleased to announce that AAVSO HQ technical assistant Kerriann Malatesta gave birth to a stellar baby boy, Gavin Mitchell Malatesta on April 21, 2003! The proud parents are very excited and report that all is well. We extend our most heartfelt congratulations and wish the newly expanded Malatesta family all the best!

Minor Planet News! The AAVSO Honored!

We have great news to share — We have been informed that the Minor Planet 8900 has been named “AAVSO” !
Here is how the citation reads:

“8900 AAVSO
Discovered 1995 Oct. 24 by
Dennis di Cicco, Sudbury, MA.

One of the premier astronomical organizations, the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) was founded in 1911 by amateur William Tyler Olcott, following Harvard astronomer Edward C. Pickering’s prescient vision of collaboration between amateur and professionals in the name of science.”

Dennis is an AAVSO member, Senior Editor of Sky & Telescope magazine, and the proposer of the naming of the Minor Planet 8900.

Our Congratulations and thanks to Dennis!

A Meeting Reminder

leafThe 92nd Annual AAVSO Meeting will be held at Headquarters in Cambridge, MA on October 25, 2003. As was decided and announced by the council last October, the AAVSO will hold only one full meeting each year during 2003 and 2004. The 2003 Annual Meeting will be abbreviated and will consist of only council and membership meetings - no invited speakers, scientific papers sessions, or field trips are scheduled. The next full meeting will be at Chabot Observatory in Oakland, California, together with the Astronomical League and the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers, July 20-24, 2004. Mark your calendars!

Words of Encouragement

dos to you and your staff on the extraordinary thorough and well thought out observing materials. Every stone appears to be upturned and with information like this an absolute beginner can find himself observing variable stars in short order--which is exactly the point. Thanks again.”
–Charles Laird Calia, CT

The New Website!

Check out page 8 of this Newsletter to learn more about the brand new look and feel of the AAVSO Website.

AAVSO webmaster Kate Davis and Systems Administrator Aaron Price worked hard to bring new and improved funcionality.

We are always striving to make the AAVSO website the best it can be. Some of the new features include more user-friendly new pages, new observing tools, and improved navigation.

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