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AAVSO Special Notice #202: Classical nova event in V407 Cyg AAVSO HOME > publications > special notice

AAVSO Special Notice #202

Classical nova event in V407 Cyg
March 14, 2010

Further to Munari et al. (CBET 2204, D.W.E. Green, editor), the presumed 
symbiotic star V407 Cyg is exhibiting spectral features clearly indicating 
a classical nova of the He/N type.  This strongly suggests that the white 
dwarf component of the system is currently undergoing a nova outburst 
rather than a symbiotic-type outburst.  The spectral evolution of this nova 
may be very fast given the likely large mass loss rate of the Mira-type 
donor star.  We urgently request observations of V407 Cyg to provide 
photometric coverage of this unique event.  Multicolor, calibrated 
photometry to track the spectral changes is especially encouraged.

An Alert Notice on this object will be issued within the next 24 hours.

V407 Cyg is located at the following (J2000) coordinates:

        RA: 21 02 09.85 , Dec: +45 46 33.0

Charts for V407 Cyg may be plotted using AAVSO VSP:

Please report all observations of this object to the AAVSO using the
name "V407 CYG".

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.


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