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AAVSO Special Notice #9

V1343 Aql (SS433) Suzaku Observing Campaign Support (March 30, 2006)

Kaori Kubota (Kyoto University) has asked for observations
of V1343 Aquilae (a.k.a. SS433) in support of an observing campaign
using the Suzaku X-Ray satellite. V1343 Aql is listed as an
eclipsing X-Ray source according to the GCVS 3rd Edition. It
consists of an early type star and a neutron star or black hole with
relativistic jets detectable at X-Ray and radio wavelengths. Kubota
reported it currently at 14th magnitude. It's location is:

R.A.: 19:11:49.6  Decl.: +04:58:57.9 (J2000)

Observations from now until April 5 are requested to determine
the orbital phase before the Suzaku observations, which are
scheduled for April 5 and 8.

AAVSO charts, using a sequence from Leibowitz and Mendelson (1982),
are available at this URL:


All observations sent to the AAVSO will be forwarded to Dr. Kubota.

As more details become available they will be posted to the
AAVSO-Photometry Discussion Group.

This Special Notice was compiled by: A. Price

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