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AAVSO Special Notice #96: VSX J074727.6+065050 rebrightening AAVSO HOME > publications > special notice

AAVSO Special Notice #96

VSX J074727.6+065050 rebrightening
February 7, 2008

Further to AAVSO Special Notice #92, the recent optical transient
in CMi, VSX J074727.6+065050, appears to have rebrightened after
fading to below V=16.0.  Eddy Muyllaert (Oostende, Belgium) reports
via the AAVSO, BAAVSS, and VSNET alert newsgroups that this star
has rebrightened to m(vis)=13.3 on 2008 Feb 06.8542 UT 
(JD 2454503.3542).  The most recent observations reported to the
AAVSO (2008 Jan 31.1378; JD 2454496.6378) place the star at V ~ 16.8.
This indicates a significant rebrightening has since occurred.  
Similar rebrightenings are typical of WZ Sge-type objects, providing
further evidence for a WZ-type classification of this OT.  Further
observations of this star are encouraged.  We note that a V and Ic 
sequence is available via VSP, but that the reported U and B band
comparison star magnitudes are incorrect; magnitudes for these bands
will be corrected shortly.

VSX J074727.6+065050 is located at RA: 07 47 27.64 , Dec +06 50 50.0

Charts are available via VSP from the following URL:

Recent observations are available from the following URL:

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.


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