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Quasar TXS 0917+624 in outburst (ATel #11048)

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Quasar TXS 0917+624 in outburst (ATel #11048)

O. I. Spiridonova, A. S. Moskvitin, V. V. Vlasyuk (Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Rus. Ac. Sci.):
"Detection of an unprecedented outburst in IDV QSO TXS0917+624"

R= 17.4 --> 15.3 mag

TXS 0917+624 at Simbad:

Clear skies,

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Not found?

Doesn't appear to be in VSX under this name, a search found one object within 30' LINEAR 7004605, is this the object?



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Not Found

I did 10 and 30 arcsec radius searches in VSX based on the object's FK5 coordinates in Simbad with all the "Include" category boxes checked. Nothing showed up. That means it isn't in VSX. Also, there are no common cross index IDs in Simbad for this object and LINEAR 7004605 and their 2MAS IDs are different so there is no chance they are the same object. 

Brad Walter

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