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QZ Ser in bright outburst!

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QZ Ser in bright outburst!

Hi all,

SERQZ   20180916.826    11.9       BRIGHT OUTBURST!




Deconinck Michel
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Thank you Eddy

Nice to know that Eddy !

Indeed yesterday night my estimation (bad ? 'cause of the moon) was +12.1 / +12.2 for this star. 

48 observers made a visual estimation of T CrB during the last 50 days, QZ Ser is close to T CrB, so maybe with this post you can push them to have a look at QZ Ser as well???

I'm very impressed on how active you are for visual estimations from a city like Ostende. 

Anyway, thank you for this alert. 


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QZ Ser outburst

Hi Michel,

Thanks for your respons. Yes indeed it's strange that so few observers follow QZ Ser though it's not far from T CrB. It shows very infrequent outbursts. It's an UGSU dwarf nova so now it's most probable an superoutburst.

Here I live in the outskirts of the city so it's pretty dark on my location. As I am an CV addict.. I make so many observations...

Kind regards,



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