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RCB star V532 very rapid rise

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RCB star V532 very rapid rise

The RCB star V532 Oph rose from 12.3 to 11.4 in about one day, 17-18 July 2012.  V532 Oph has been extremely active this season.  Given the extremely rapid rise. observations more frequently than one day, even a time series or two, might show some very interesting short-term variability.  The return to its normal bright state may not last long before another fade - or not.  This is a relatively recently ID-ed RCB, so not much is known about it yet.  I'd call it "underobserved".



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V532 OPH monitoring

I will continue to monitor V532 visually and remotely with the SSO 24" in CA via CCDV.  Kevin - PKV 

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