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Re-appearance of McNeil's nebula (V1647 Orionis) and its outburst environment

We present a detailed study of McNeil's nebula (V1647 Ori) in its ongoing outburst phase starting from September 2008 to March 2013. Our 124 nights of photometric observations were carried out in optical V, R, I and near-infrared J, H, K bands, and 59 nights of medium resolution spectroscopic observations were done in 5200 - 9000 Ang wavelength range. All observations were carried out with 2-m Himalayan Chandra Telescope and 2-m IUCAA Girawali Telescope. Our observations show that over last four and a half years, V1647 Ori and the region C near Herbig-Haro object, HH 22A, have been undergoing a slow dimming...

Authors: J.P. Ninan, D.K. Ojha, B.C. Bhatt, S.K. Ghosh, V. Mohan, K.K. Mallick, M. Tamura, Th. Henning

Read the full abstract and paper at arXiv

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