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Removing targets from a program

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Removing targets from a program

I have a program running on TMO61.  One of the targets has faded to the point where we should stop following it.  Who should I contact to get release that target and stop observing it?


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Does TMO mean "Too Much Observation"? :)

Seriously - e-mail Arne and Mike Simonsen.


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removing targets

While I've taken care of John's object behind the scenes, in general, I am the one to contact for any queue-related question.  This is one part that has not been automated or given to volunteers.

We have a couple more infrastructure issues to take care of, and then will be in the process of examining all queues and cleaning them up - moving objects to better suited telescopes, removing objects that no longer need observations, adjusting priorities so that researchers get the cadence they desire.


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