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Replying to Posts/Comments

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Replying to Posts/Comments

As I understand the desire to keep threads consistent as to topic and content it seems to me the subject line of each comment should be the same as the original post?  Yet, when we get the form to submit a comment the subject line is blank.  I usually try to type in the same subject line but sometimes it is long and I forget what it was in the first place.  It would be nice if that field were automatic, any chance of that?

Aaron Price
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Hi, Jim. The software will keep messages threaded regardless of the Subject line. The Subject: line is just for the author's use. So put whatever you want there. :) I would prefer that the software default to the original subject line with a "Re:" or something similar prepended to it. I'll ask our webmaster to look into it. But we're using external software (Drupal modules) so are somewhat limited with what customization we can do.

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Yeah, like Aaron said, I'll

Yeah, like Aaron said, I'll work on making it auto-fill when I have some time. In the meantime, put whatever you like--my experience is that nobody notices or pays attention to the subject line of a reply even if it's different than the subject of the original post.

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