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Request for follow up on a few novae

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Request for follow up on a few novae

Hello! This is Tom Finzell. I am a graduate student working on classical novae. I've posted here a few times before, and I love your community and really appreciate all the help that you folks have provided!

I just wanted to post a request for follow up of a few novae that have recently come out from behind the sun. Specifically,  our priority right now is V5854 Sgr, V5855 Sgr, and V407 Lup. It would be really great to have some long term monitoring, but really any information will help us a lot. We are planning to do further follow up in other wavelengths (e.g. X-ray and radio) , and any information that folks get on these novae will help us a lot in determining what other observations are feasible.


Thank everyone for all of your help!


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