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Request to follow ISO date on forms

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Request to follow ISO date on forms


I wonder if it would be possible to follow the (scientific) ISO standard (Year-Month-Date) for date format on the Light Curve Generator. I am not concerned about the separators. I think it would be more appropriate than a notation (MM/DD/YYYY) based on a local custom.

It would also help in consistency, as WebObs follows the ISO standard.

Thank you.





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Date format

I second that request - would be appreciated. Or better: the option to selct one or the other according to preference.

Go well!


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This is such a good idea, I

This is such a good idea, I had it myself awhile back :) The American format is confusing for a lot of people, so it's always been my intention to update all the forms across the website to use YYYY-MM-DD format. The LCG is simply one I haven't gotten around to updating yet, and unfortunately I can't tell you when I will get to it. But it's on my list!

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Don't abandon JD

I agree that making the format consistant would be good.  Lets not abandon JD though.



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