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Requesting a sequence for a new star

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Requesting a sequence for a new star

Hi ... it's been a while :-)

How do I go about requesting an APASS sequence for a new star field?



Ed Wiley_WEY
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Sequence request

Navigate from home page: Observing --> Variable Star Charts --> Request comparison stars. You will not get an APASS sequence, you will get comparison stars based on your request.

Tim and team do a super job!


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It has Been Awhile, Rick


It has been some time since we collaborated... remember HXMB days & our time spent  staying up most of the nights at the DAO one week (2007?) operating the 1.82 meter Plasket Telescope doing Spectroscopy for Dr. Sarty?

I am pleased to see that you might be back in the fold, so to speak.  I look forward to seeing your request via:

As menionted by Ed who also I thank for the kind words; however, I am just one of the active team members who also include Mike Poxon, Brad Walter & our Team Leader, Tom Bretl.

Also feel free to contact me direct along the way and bring me up to date on your world.

Tim Crawford


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