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Ronaldo Mourao (1935-2014)

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Ronaldo Mourao (1935-2014)

Dear friends,

Just for communicate you that Brazilian astronomy community looses its most prolific astronomer: Dr Ronaldo Rogerio de Freitas Mourao (AAVSO code: M59) on yesterday (July 25).
He wrote dozens of outreach astrobooks, astronomy yearbooks, a Dictionary of Astronomy and Astronautics in Portuguese.
He observed asteroids, comets, Moon, double stars, and variable stars too (1958-1959). On his books Mourao quoted AAVSO several times when wrote about variable stars.
Minor planet 2590 Mourao was named on his honour by astronomer Debehogne.

In this week Brazilians looses three great writers: Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro, Ariano Suassuna and Rubens Alves. Maybe on Heavens, they faced problems to walk on the Milky Way, changing Scutum by Sculptor, and called to Mourao to help them....


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