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RS Cet, a new non-variable star

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RS Cet, a new non-variable star

A few days ago I observed this star. It's close to a nice Mira star: R Cet. As I entered my observation in WebObs and checked it in the LCG, I notices not too many observers followed it. So I checked VSX and there was a new note, made only a few hours ago: "Type changed to CST according to available data. (...)". The magnitude is 8.43 V, I only estimated it 3 times in a year, always at mag. 8.4 (few :-) !)

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(OK, 3 times is few, but I

(OK, 3 times is few, but I meant "phew"!! :-) )

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RS Cet

Yes, I've observed it a few times, ranging between 8.2 - 8.4, very unremarkable, glad I dropped in the end!

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Sebastian Otero changed the

Sebastian Otero changed the status of RS CET after my post of "Mira and its neighbors" in the LPV Forum.  That guy is fast.   Kevin Paxson - PKV

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